This is the most important question you need to answer before you look at outsourcing your social media content and management.

After all, If you don’t truly know what it’s already costing you in time and resources, how can you possibly make an educated decision on what your business can actually afford?

So, what is it costing you now? You probably think you know the answer, but when you look at it from all sides, you’d be amazed at the real figures…and outcomes.

Here are some different breakdowns to show you what it might look like for your company, and a way you can look at breaking down your own budget. It’s important to note that these figures are examples only, and I haven’t made specific considerations for taxes and so on. This is just a ball park!


The small business owner doing all their social media, and design on their own. No real skills in graphic design, or social media management, just giving it a red hot crack. Let’s say this business is just starting out, so the owner is only paying himself $25 an hour. 

The Breakdown:

Competitor scrolling / research: 10mins

Design/Creation: 25mins

Copy/hashtags: 15mins

Posting across platforms: 10mins

= 1 hour per post

= $25 per post

3 posts a week = $75 per week

Annual = $3,900

+ hidden costs (bonuses, superannuation, equipment, subscriptions, being interrupted by more important tasks, sick days…)


This is the assistant/admin person assisting the small business owner. This isn’t the persons whole job, but they are more skilled in graphic design and social media management. They are being paid $20 an hour.

The Breakdown:

Communication/approval between parties: 10mins

Competitor scrolling / research: 10mins

Design/Creation: 15mins

Copy/hashtags: 10mins

Posting across platforms: 10mins

= 55mins per post

= $18.33 per post

3 posts a week = $54.99 per week

Annual = $2,859.48

+ hidden costs (bonuses, superannuation, equipment, subscriptions, being interrupted by phone calls, sick days…)


This is a professional content creator/ social media manager. It might be a freelancer or a an agency. Let’s say the professional charges $30 an hour.

The Breakdown:

What does this matter? The professional has given you a quote right? Their prices and scope have been established early on.

Annual package = $4,000

3 posts a week, for 52 weeks

  • Design
  • Copy
  • SM Management

+ Zero hidden costs!

So have a look over those examples, you’ll notice the figures vary. Generally speaking yes the quote from the professional will cost a a chunk of change, maybe more than doing it yourself.

HOWEVER, this is the most important thing to remember…the professional WILL DELIVER.

  • The professional will deliver on time.
  • The professional will not be impeded by other business tasks like the owner or the assistant.
  • The professional is bound to their quote, there are no hidden costs for you to take on.
  • The professional is experienced, and will traditionally get far better results.

So tell me, what is your social media actually costing you?

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