Here are a handful of frequently asked questions – if you don’t see what you are looking for click the link below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Every project is different, but I always determine relevant deadlines early in the quoting phase.

Video projects tend to take approximately 1-2 weeks from shoot date.

All content will be delivered to you in your requested formats.

If anything specific is needed, please request in the original quoting phase.

Working files, and raw footage will only be available on request, and may require an additional charge.


Primarily I work in or around the Brisbane area! 

I can travel anywhere you need, however additional charges for travel will apply 40km outside of the Brisbane CBD, and will be addressed at the engagement stage.

Primarily Hearts Content is a one woman band, however should the project need an extra pair of hands, I may bring an assistant with me to help. Should this be the case, you will be informed early in the engagement phase.

Currently I am not licensed as a drone pilot, however if you desire aerial footage in your project(s) this can be arranged at an extra cost!

As always, this depends on the project, but generally the proccess looks a little like this:

  • Discovery Session - This is where we will discuss what you are after to best define how we can use video to make your business soar!
  • Engagement - Here you will approve the scope of your project, indicate you are interested in moving forward, and lock in the shoot date(s).
  • Pre-production – This is the phase where I will be further developing the project ideas, writing a script and drawing up storyboards (if necessary).
  • Production – This is the actual filming phase. This will be at a location of your choosing, and depend on the scale of the project(s)
  • Post-production – Here is where I will be putting it all together. Extensive editing (choosing the best takes from the footage captured, putting together a rough cut, and then the final edit), motion graphics work, title design, choosing and licensing music tracks, grading (that's making the picture look great by adding final touches, and of course delivering the final video(s) to you in the correct format for your purposes!

Before any shoot I provide clients with an info packet about how to prepare for the shoot day.

Animation can be very time-intensive, so although we charge the same rate for editing as I charge for animation, it will usually take longer to create and perfect certain animations. This will be reflected in the early stages of fee proposal.

If you don't have an exact idea in mind for your video, I can help you with the brief!

After that all I will need from you is information regarding:

  • Talent - who will be in the video?
  • Location - where will this be shot? I can arrange a studio location at extra cost if you don't have a location of your own.
  • Payment - For all video productions payment in full will need to be provided before the project commences.
  • Additional elements - Is there specific

I'm always happy to work with your idea, and add my professional expertise.

If you're not feeling that inspired, I'm also very just as happy to come up with a creative direction for you.

You can be as hands on, or off as you like!

Unless otherwise requested, I will generally upload the final HD video onto a files haring site, where you can download at the click of a button.

These files will be exported with the final destination in mind, taking into consideration ratios/time limits and other factors of different digital platforms.

Unfortunately at this time, I do not offer these services. However, do get in touch and I may be able to refer you to someone local who does!

You have the footage and just need it edited? I can help!

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Repurposing old videos/projects/footage
  • Editing old wedding footage
  • Editing event footage

Yes! I provide one on one sessions, or custom workshops for teams on basic video production!

Currently shooting most of my video projects on a lightweight Sony mirrorless kit.

Let's chat about how we can enhance your video with features such as:

  • Drone footage
  • Underwater videography
  • Motion graphic openers/indents
  • Voice overs


Click below to get in touch, and I’ll answer your questions ASAP.