I’m here to take some work off your plate!

But before I do, here is everything you need to know about me.

I was born in Australia, and raised in New Zealand. I studied at the New Zealand Film and Television school where I found a passion for making video. Realising I was more interested in creating content for commercial brands, rather chasing the Hollywood dream, I developed my graphic design, and digital media skills with a view to be the best all rounder I could be!

As you will have found, it’s hard work making content for your business social media pages. There’s always an opportunity to do more, and most days it’s difficult enough to get a relevant picture up, let alone something that is going to convert to profit.

What I’m aiming to create here, is a no BS service for small businesses that want to elevate their social media presence, without spending crazy amounts of money or time – that’s what Hearts Content is all about!

Brilliant social media sans great content is like trying to wash your dishes without soap. It’s better than nothing, but isn’t going to give the desired effect…and it’s a little bit gross.


Thanks for stopping by, have a look around. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Hey guys, my names is Charlee, and I’m here to take some work off your plate, and put unique effective content on to your social media pages.

Hearts Content is a digital content creation company that specialises in designing video and images for social platforms, that will boost engagement, and wow your audiences!

Sure, a on a good day anyone can create one video, or take a couple of photos on the iPhone. But what really makes great social media, is consistency. Regular, brand focused, inspiring content spread out strategically over time. And importantly this content needs to be produced in a way that is cost effective, and sucks up the least of your time! You have bigger fish to fry, your time is better used doing whatever it is that you do for your clients.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering.  I create cost effective, comprehensive content packages, designed to be utilised throughout the year. Each package below delivers 365 pieces of original content (one for each day of the year) for the social media page of your choosing!

Below you will find outlines of the packages on offer. Each tier offers different types of social media content. So have a look through and think about what might best suit your needs and budget.

These are comprised of standard