It’s important to remember there are a million and one ways to shoot, edit, and animate videos.

They can be shot in person, on location, with real humans. They can be recorded over video chat, over the phone, or even text. Great videos can be simple, and just be a combination of images and text. The style can be whatever you like! But the story, the what and the the who is what makes the difference. The story is everything!

So, without further ado, here are a list of 74 different ideas for your company to use to maximise content engagement:




1.   Testimonial video – Interview happy clients, and let them make you shine authentically!

2.  Social Media Q&A Interview – Source questions from your social media channels and answer them.

3.  Team Testimonials – Get your team involved and let your audience see what’s so great about your companies culture and impact.

4.  Interview a kid – Kids say just say the darnedest things, don’t they? This is especially true when they are talking about topics they know little about. Find out how much your child knows about what you do at work, or a product!

5.  Interview industry professionals – Networking at it’s finest! Interview someone(s) in your industry. Showing off relationships with other leaders in the industry gives you big credibility points.

6.  Interview your locals – This one is an amazing way to build your network in your local area. Get in touch with nearby coffee stops, go to lunch spots and retailers.  Ask them what they know about your industry or product. It’s a chance to give them exposure, and make a lasting impression. After all, you never know who they are going to know!

7.  Interview the people who make your work possible – If you are a restaurant, maybe it’s the people who grow your produce, or the delivery drivers who drop it all off. Perhaps its the local farmer you get your produce from. Maybe you’re an architect, you could interview a builder or an engineer and give a whole new perspective on your product or services.

8.  Interview yourself – Yep, you heard me. If you aren’t the type to speak in front of the camera from a script, you may just want to interview yourself. Write down the questions, or get someone to read them from you. Sometimes great insight can come from a more natural approach.

9.  Interview your enemy – I say enemy lightly… what I really mean is interview someone who does not have the same opinion as you. Perhaps this is a competitor or someone with different ideologies. Have a transparent (and mutually respectful) debate about whatever it is you don’t see exactly the same on.

10.  Interview your mentors – Maybe it’s an actual mentor, or teacher, someone you looked up to, or just someone you learnt one important thing from. Talk about what they taught you, and what impact it had on your business. This is a great way to show where you or your business started. A dash of humble goes a long way!

11.  Interview an unexpected viewpoint – Perhaps you could interview someone who lived in a time before your product/service existed, what better way to show your audience how important your product is!

12.  Re-purpose your written testimonials – You might have clients who have said great things about you, but it might be tricky getting them on camera. You could read them aloud, and thank them for the comment in a video. If they talk about how clean your facility is, you could run relevant footage of your beautiful venue, or give insight into the lengths you go to make it so.

13.  Live Q&A – A live recording of a Q&A is a great way to get a wide array of unexpected questions.


14.  Time lapse your entire event – A simple time lapse of an event a great way to show the world how special your event was.

15.  ‘Door lapse’ – Create a time lapse of your guests entering the event/venue. Get them to interact with the camera with a wave or a smile. I can already here the share notifications rolling in to your inbox.

16.  ‘Video guest book’ – Ask guests to comment on the event, and combine to give a powerful testimonial on your event. Tag your guests who pop up on screen and make it go that much further.

17.  Ticket launch – Letting your clients know tickets are available can be the most pivotal moment in your event launch strategy. Why not make it a video?

18.  Event announcement – Tell your potential guests exactly what to expect from your event in a fun way! 

19.  Frequently asked questions – This can be a great way to provide answers to some of thee complex questions your clients are asking!

20.  Event reminder – Event reminders are a great way to keep momentum on your event marketing strategy going!

21.  Live stream recording – Capturing your entire event can be a great way to maximise your return on that event. There is no limit on what you can do with that footage. Cut it up. Re-purpose it for your next event. Allow people who couldn’t make the date to enjoy your event!

22.  Speaker/Volunteers/Organisers welcome – Get the people involved in your event to welcome your guests leading up to the event.

23.  Speaker/Volunteers/Organisers ‘Thank You’ – Get the people involved in your event to thank your guests for coming to the event.

24.  General ‘Thank You’ video – Thank all the people who make your event possible. 

25.  Event challenge video – Now this one is fun. Why not create a game or activity for your attendees? This might be a social media challenge, ie “take a photo in each of these places at the event, tag us and be in to win!” or  “Get the secret code from our event waiters and get a free ticket to next years event!”.




26.  Tutorial – Explain how something is made, fixed or operated. Again, this will give your brand credibility, and when executed well, a sense of authority within your industry. 

27.  Live stream tutorial – Same as above, but allows your audience to ask questions and get involved in real time!

28.  Behind the scenes – Video is great, because you can show rather than tell. Let your audience know your process by showing clips of your business behind the scenes.

29.  Market overview – Providing your consumers with market updates, and honest discussions about the state of the current market is not only helpful, but will get people in your industry talking, and following!

30.  Industry news – Similar to above updating on relevant updates, and news that is about or directly influences your industry can gain a lot of traction. It’s important to look at it from all angles, and pick out connections that may not be so obvious.

31.  Unique product uses – You have already told your audience about your product, and what it was designed for, but what are the things it can do that you hadn’t intended?

32.  Online course – Hosting a short online course on your social media channels can be a great way to get followers, explore ideas, and most importantly, share what you know!

33.  Myth busting – Just as it sounds, bust or reaffirm industry relevant myths or theories. Give your unique take on it!

34.  Case study – Take a unique client, project, situation, or experience and create a video case study exploring all the interesting details, and insights.

35.  Quiz –  Quizzes are an easy way to stay in the minds eye. This can be as short or long as you like, and make a great series. 

36.  Industry history –  The history of what you do might be obvious to you, but your audience might not have even considered it. Briefly explaining the history of what you do or make could be extremely interesting, and create intrigue around your company.

37.  Industry comparisons – Comparing different industries can be an interesting way to get complex ideas across. Creating simple comparisons or metaphors can be a quick way to explain your concepts in a shorter amount of time.


38.  Review products you use in your industry – This is not only helpful to an audience, but challenges you to be thinking critically about the products you are using.

39.  Review your own products – Give an honest review of your product in relation to what else is out there in the market.

40.  Review products that are on the cheap end of the market – Give an honest review about the cheapest products/services in the market. Whether you like them or dislike them, people want to know if they can afford to cut costs.

41.  Tips & Tricks – Create a video that gives simple tips and tricks of your business. It might be targeted at your consumer, or people in your industry.

42.  Unboxing – Unboxing videos for different products is. 

43.  Top 10 (video list) – Maybe it’s your top 10 tools of the trade, top 10 most influential people in your industry, top 10 ways to expand your x related business. People love lists, and the right list can become extremely valuable in relation to shares, and exposure!

44.  Pitch a potential product – Got an idea but not sure if people will be interested? Why not test the waters?

45.  Poll video – Your target audience have opinions, and their insights are not only valuable to you, but possibly to your industry peers. Ask a question, explore the answers, get your audience involved!

46.  Respond to incident/event – No matter what your industry or what you do, there will be external events that affect what you do. It could be political movements, global issues like COVID-19, or even just something local that affects how you move around your city. Talk about it in detail, explore from all angles.

47.  Tools of the trade – What are you using to best deliver your product or service to the market. It could be as simple as just showing the world what’s in your work bag, desk, or literal tool kit.

48.  First impressions – Sometimes you won’t know everything about a product you are using in your business when you first get it, and that’s ok. If it’s trending, get on the train now and give your first impressions. Get a discussion going!

49.  Problem solving video – Ask your audience to come up with theoretical problems, or create some of your own, then show how you would or your company personally tackle them.




50.  Hello world! – Introduce your company in a fun way. Include who you are and what you do.

51.  Where it all began – Tell them where it all started. Who was involved, what was the inciting incident, or incidents that lead you on the path to your business.

52.  Team video – Introduce your team, and add some personality to the face of your company.

53.  Team bonding event – How many work events do you have throughout the year. They are great for video content. Show your team winding down and having fun.

54. Day-in-the-life – There are many people out there that wonder the intricacies of what it is you do. So why not give them all the interesting tid bits. You’ll be surprised by what people are fascinated with.

55.  Before & After – This isn’t just for the fitness industry. Maybe it’s physical like a rebrand, or renovations. Maybe it’s explaining how far your company has come since they first started. It could even be something as simple as comparing the number of sales you had between now and this time last year. Everyone loves a makeover!

56.  Company timeline – Create a video timeline of how your company has come. Get specific, show the highs and lows.

57.  Hint at exciting news – Got something coming up, but it’s not quite time to give details. Why not hint, and peak your audiences interest.

58.  Story time – Tell a story. This might be about a project, an interesting experience in your industry, or a story about your life. People relate and empathise with story more than anything.

59.  Publicity stunt – ‘Publicity stunt’ is often considered a dirty term, but the truth is, you don’t have to lie to anyone to pull off great marketing. Be the first to do something. Support an important charity in a funny way. Go big or go home, and most importantly – film it!

60.  Host a contest – A contest is a great way to get people sharing, tagging and engaging in the comments. 

61.  Showreel / portfolio – Create a showreel or portfolio of all the great work your company has done.

62.  Seasonal greeting – Holiday coming up? Wish your audience well, or give them advice to make the most of the time they have off work.

63.  Sketch – Make a funny industry relevant sketch. Google SNL and College Humour for inspo.

64.  Parody – Better yet, double down and get your Weird Al Yankovich on. Parody’s are a great way to build on what’s trending.

65.  What’s the future look like? – Tell your audience where your company is going. What and why you aim to achieve it, and why they should support your business.

66.  Celebrate milestones in an interesting visual way – Whether its a company milestone, a teammates birthday, or anniversary, don’t just take a quick snap in front of a cake, I can’t take it anymore. Do something interesting! Video the celebration, explain to your audience why it’s so special!

67.  Giveaway – Much like the content, your social media audiences love a giveaway. Get creative, and don’t just think about how you are going to explain the giveaway, also think about how you will announce the winners!

68.  Inspiration – Where does your inspiration come from? What inspires the nature of your brand and business?

69.  Highlight video – Over the years you have probably taken a bunch of footage. Clips here and there can make a great highlight video!

70.  Cooler talk – Cooler talk videos (well that’s what I call them) are a great way to show off the personality of your company. Tell your audience whats the most popular TV show in your office, who has the craziest hobby, which one of your team is the most obsessed with cat videos…you get the picture. These little pieces of info can make a great fun mashup, and say a lot about your company culture, by saying very little at all.

71.  A year in review – Just as it sounds, 12 months in review. What happened?

72.  Gameshow – Get your team together and challenge them to industry questions.

73.  Office walkthrough – Show your audience where the magic happens!

74.  Charity – Commit to a charity, and use video to show how your company is getting involved with the community and why.


These ideas were listed because they are a great way to engage in a meaningful way with your potential audience. If you need any help producing your videos, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email hello@hearts-content.com.au